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Mobile Home Insurance Quote online: €156 is based on a structure value of €15,000 with contents of €2,000 and mobile under 15 years old.

Note: We do NOT insure mobile homes used as a permanent residence.

Mobile Home Insurance Key Features

  • Public Liability cover up to €2.6 million
  • Debris removal up to €500
  • Fire Brigade charges up to €2000
  • New for old cover on Mobile Homes manufactured within the last 5 years
  • Low excess of €150 – meaning you pay the first €150 of any loss

Mobile Home Insurance Key Benefits

  • You’re covered for all damage caused by Fire, Theft and Storms
  • Depending on the location of your Mobile Home, we may be able to provide cover for Flood damage
  • As a Coverholder at Lloyds, we deal with every aspect of these policies here in Ireland. This means you are guaranteed a fast and efficient claims process should a loss arise
  • Depreciation will not be taken into account when settling a claim, provided your Mobile Home is less than 5 years old

Mobile Home Insurance Key Questions

No, the process of taking out a Mobile Home Insurance policy couldn’t be easier. You can get a quote by plugging in your details above – its takes 30 seconds! Or ring us on 01 207 9400 for a quick quote. Once you’re happy with the price, we should be able to put you on Mobile Home Insurance cover immediately based on the details you provided over the phone.
If you change your Mobile Home mid-term, provided the new Mobile is being kept on the same site all you need to do is give us a ring and let us know the new details. We’ll put your new Mobile Home on Mobile Home Insurance cover straight away. If the value of the new Mobile differs from the original value, you may incur an additional premium or possibly be due a refund for the remaining period of insurance
Of course! To cancel your Mobile Home Insurance policy, all you need to do is give us a call and we’ll cancel the policy on the spot. We’ll issue a full pro rata refund for the remainder of the insurance period.
Yes, Contents cover can be provided on all Mobile Home Insurance policies.
Yes, you are still covered. However if the Mobile is left unoccupied for more than 7 consecutive days the excess will increase to €300 and theft of audio and audio visual equipment will be excluded.
Best Mobile Home Insurance Advisor - Hazel

Hazel Tynan

Home / Mobile Home Insurance Executive

Hazels thoughts on…

How location influences your mobile home insurance premium
As an insurance advisor, I regularly get asked what are the best ways to reduce the cost of our Mobile Home insurance. What people really want to know is if the location of the park will affect the annual insurance premium.

With Mobile Home Insurance policies, the price of the premium is primarily based on the value of the Mobile Home structure and contents. Certain Mobile Home parks in Ireland pose a higher flood risk and therefor flood cover may be excluded from these policies. However it’s worth noting the availability of flood cover doesn’t affect the price of the insurance policy.

This can help people make a decision as to which park to choose without having to worry if that particular park is going to run up the cost of insuring their Mobile.

With this in mind, you’re free to choose a park based on the facilities provided, the site location and how it suits you and your family’s requirements.

If you have any queries about the best Mobile Home Insurance in Ireland, the team here are always available and happy to help.

Hazel, November 2017

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