Professional Indemnity Insurance for technology professionals

Insurance for technology professionals

What it covers

Our technology insurance portfolio allows you select the cover you need and combine it into one single policy.
Choose from: professional indemnity, complete office insurance and liability insurance.

Key features of our cover:

Professional indemnity

  • broad and clear breach of contract cover
    over 60% of IT claims where handled in 2012 were for alleged breach of contract, so our cover is tailored to give extensive protection for liabilities you assume under contract
  • infringement of intelectual property
    including cyber squatting violations, any act of passing-off, misappropriation or trade names, and infringement of copyright or trademark
  • negligence
    if you fail in your duty of care to your client, we cover you against giving incorect advice or making mistake in your work. We also cover negligent transmission of a virus or malware

Complete Office insurance

  • incompatibility of software
    automatic cover where damage to computers results in existing software being in compatible
  • property in transit
    lost or damaged items or money, including stock, prototypes and computers. We also cover costs following damage to the transporting vehicle, reloading property and removal of debris
  • property at a third-party’s premises
    your portable property, such as a laptops and hired-in equipment, is covered if at a client or supplier’s premises
  • protection against cyber attacks
    if your business is interrupted for more than 12 consecutive hours during the period of insurance as a result of a cyber attack we will pay for your loss in income
  • denial of access
    damage, or an incident in the vicinity of your business premises which prevents or hinders access
  • failure of utilities
    cover if your water, gas, electricity or telecommunications supply fails for more than 24 consecutive hours


  • cover for claims for injury to your employees
  • public liability includes the overseas personal liability
  • loss of third-party keys

Who is it for?

Technology Insurance Cover is designed to meet the needs of technology companies working in:

  • software design and distribution
  • consultancy
  • web design
  • hardware assembly
  • training
  • hosting
  • data network management
  • telecommunications network maintenance
  • internet service provision

If you would like further information or to get a quote, please call Emma Cross at Kidd Insurances on (01) 207 9400.