Property Owners Insurance

Property Owners Insurance

Kidd Insurances have been involved in the provision of comprehensive insurance solutions for Residential and Commercial Property Owners for many years.

The cover which we can arrange on your behalf includes Material Damage Loss to the Structure against the risks of Fire and the Standard Range of Perils, including Explosion, and Lightning Damage, Storm, Burst Pipes or Flood, Riot and Malicious Damage, Subsidence, Earthquake and Impact.

Additionally your policy will cover Loss of Rent should the property become unusable following an insured event, and Property Owners Liability, including cover for persons engaged in maintenance and Repairs.

We can arrange cover for a wide range of Residential Properties including:

  • Private Tenants including Properties in Multiple Lettings,
  • Properties Occupied by Students,
  • Unoccupied Properties and Properties Let to Social Welfare Tenants.

Commercial Properties can be occupied by a large variety of tenants ranging from Factories to Shops with Residential Accommodation over.

Other Benefits:

Kidd Insurances can arrange to have a whole property portfolio covered under a single easy to manage and comprehensive arrangement, and even provide you with an apportionment of premium between individual tenants should you so require!