Childminding in your own home

Childminding in your own home

Kidd Insurances in conjunction with Childminding Ireland and Allianz are proud to present the best quality and value package for people minding children in their own home.

This policy is for people minding up to 6 children at one time.

Covers for:

  • Public Liability €6,500,000,
  • Employers Liability €13,000,000,
  • Childminding equipment €25,000,
  • Loss of Income €80,000 per annum,
Am I not covered under my house insurance?

Am I not covered under my house insurance?

If you have not informed your current insurer they may refuse any claim even those unrelated to childcare on the grounds of non-disclosure.
If you have informed them (and we highly recommend you do) they generally exclude damage as a result of the childminding service. We recommend our product as it not only covers you and your business adequately it provides extra cover above and beyond.

Please note:

You must be a member of Childminding Ireland to obtain this cover. Joining is easy, and there are many benefits. For more information please read more.