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Kidd Insurance Brokers are specialist providers of Insurance cover for Crèches, Montessori, Childminders in Ireland.
Working closely with Childcare Organisations such as, Childminding Ireland and Early Childhood - Kidd Insurances have designed packages with great cover and highly competitive premiums specifically for the Childcare Industry.

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Childcare Frequently Asked Questions

No. This would automatically be covered under your Contents / Equipment section provided the sum insured under this section is adequate to cover same. However, an excess of €350 will apply to each and every claim in respect of the playground.
Organised outings, which involve bringing a group of children away from the premises, e.g. trips to the cinema, zoo, etc, are automatically covered. However, you must comply with the ratio of 1:3 with a minimum of two adults at all times. Collections and drop-offs to and from schools are also covered and the following ratios must be complied with at all times: 1:4 whilst walking to and from the school, 1:5 in a private car. Provided there is the correct level of motor insurance is in place.
Yes, provided the relevant guidelines are adhered to at all times. Please contact Kidd Insurances for a copy of these.
Normally, events to raise funds for your own service are automatically covered under the policy at no additional charge. However, if you intend to hold a disco, evening event or family day, these will have to be referred to Kidd Insurances and a charge may apply. If you wish to run an event to raise funds for a charity, please contact Kidd Insurances.
This would depend on the type of service you provide. You must comply with the current childcare legislation.
Section 2 (Public Liability) of the policy covers the insured’s legal liability arising from or in connection with the administering of oral medication at the request of the child’s parent / guardian providing a register of medication is maintained. The register must indicate times / dosages and be completed after each administration.
Where you have been requested to administer an injection or emergency treatment for allergies, the following guidelines must be complied with:
  • Formal training to be provided by a qualified medical practitioner with records signed and kept,
  • Condition to be reviewed every 6 months by the insured,
  • If one of the named employees leave, they are to be replaced , with records signed and kept.
You need to cover the maximum number of children who will be on your premises at any one given time.
All children in your care must be pre-booked, pre-registered and attend your service on a regular basis. If you would like a quotation for a drop-in facility, please contact Kidd Insurances.
Your policy can be extended to run Out-of-School camps (e.g. Easter, Summer & Halloween) at an additional charge. We can also provide cover for summer schools not in the scheme. Please contact Kidd Insurances for a quote.
Desk top computers are automatically covered under the Contents / Equipment section of your policy for a sum insured of €5,000 (you must ensure that you are adequately insured under this section). However, lap-top computers must be specified and charged separately under the policy as these can be taken out of the service and be covered for All Risks. All claims in relation to lap-top computers are subject to a €250 excess. A Locked Boot Warranty will also apply.

Childcare Insurance Forms

1 Creche Insurance Proposal download
2 Employer's Liability Accident Report download
3 Public Liability Accident Report download
4 Property Damage Loss Claim download
5 Allianz Summer School Insurance Proposal download
6 Allianz Prop Weather Event Claim download
7 Creche Policy Wording download
7 Montessori Insurance Proposal download

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